• „Does your company
    deal with expensive
    We will ensure uninterrupted
    operation of your IT systems with
    the professional support 24/7. “
    Zoltán Čanda
    business manager,
    customer care specialist

Technical support 24/7

We know how important technical support for daily operations of your company is, and we understand how important a role it plays in the lives of ordinary users.

The basis of our services is a technical support of corporate technologies, devices and end users 24/7/365. We guarantee professionalism, thanks to a certified management system requirements and IT security standards ISO 20001 and ISO 27001.

Our trained specialists are always available to end users on the hotline, provide remote support and support in place on request. To ensure continuous operation and maximum availability of services are key elements of the management and monitoring of critical infrastructure. Proactive maintenance are significantly improves the availability and life of the components and systems of the entire IT infrastructure of your organization.

With fewer technicians while reducing labor costs, it is possible to secure access to corporate applications with high availability, reduce downtimes to a minimum and prevent them in the future.


  • reducing the number of technicians and wage costs
  • immediate support users and end devices 24/7
  • high availability of applications and IT infrastructure
  • reducing system downtimes to a minimum
  • security of continuous operation

We focus on these areas

ISO 20000 specifies requirements for an integrated management processes that are designed for the delivery of managed information technology services. Coordinated integration and deployment management service allows management, increase efficiency, and enables continuous improvement of service management. This enhances service quality and reduces complexity and level of risk associated with their delivery.