Company profile

we are successfully growing and dynamic company operating in Central Europe. We offer our customers expertise and extensive experience of specialists trained in designing and implementing the most effective and economically advantageous use of information technology to support key corporate processes.

Gross sales overview

During the financial crisis in the automotive sector, we invested our entire profit to the development of services and our employees.

Haug-land is not only team of enthusiastic IT specialists - we are also positive people with a sense for teamwork and a focus on best possible results. That's why we have the dozens of successful projects for demanding clients from the commercial and public sectors.

Qualification of our specialists is based on many years of experience and a number of specialized international certifications.

We work on the basis of a long-term partnership, so we always start from the philosophy of your business. We know your business, goals and strategies - we can consolidate your best technology, cost savings and deploy applications to improve internal communication and management of business processes.

We will take full responsibility for IT operations, so you can fully concentrate on your business.

We will prepare solutions for every business

We offer wide range of technologies and services enabling you to effectively implement new solutions
while reducing costs and improving productivity within the processes of your company:

Professional IT counseling

We will help you with the modernization
and implementation of IT technologies.

audits, analyzes, project management,
investment management

IT security

We will reveal all vulnerabilities
in the system and
secure corporate data.

security audits, security testing,
penetration tests, security patches

Outsourcing and infrastructure

We will optimize your IT infrastructure
and reduce operation costs.

IT optimalization,
renting infrastructure
complete outsourcing, HW and SW supply

Corporate applications

We will implement applications
for efficient process management
and communication.

corporate process analysis,
custom development,
information portals, mobile applications

Technical support 24/7

We ensure uninterrupted operation of your IT systems

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

We have a unique knowledge

The initial focus of our company was the economic consultancy.
We entered into the world of IT with rich experience of economic management businesses
in a time of great technological boom.

As a result, we can effectively manage IT investments
and reduce operation and resource costs.

Haug-land company s.r.o. implements the project development of applications for managing business processes according to ISO 20000 and 27001, which aims to develop its own information system, which will significantly streamline management processes in the supply of IT services. This project is receiving financial support from the European Union (OPPIK).